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Abstract Emoyan OO, Akpoborie IA, Akporhonor EE:
"The Oil and Gas Industry and the Niger Delta: Implications for the Environment",
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management 12 (3) : 29-37 (Sep 2008)

Abstract   The causes of environmental degradation and biodiversity depletion arising from the activities of the oil industry in the region are evaluated. The authors argue that, specific negative impact on the region arising from the activities of the industries include: environmental pollution, biodiversity depletion, social destabilization, underdevelopment of host communities, global warming and associated elevated flood risk Furthermore, a direct consequence of property rights structure following from existing legislature is the underdevelopment of host communities in spite of huge national earnings from oil and gas since 1970. The authors concluded by favouring all embracing and genuine stakeholders participation in environmental and developmental issues in the region.
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Akpoborie IADepartment of Geology, Delta State University, Abraka Nigeria  1
Akporhonor EEDepartment of Chemistry, Delta State University, Abraka  5
Emoyan OODepartment of Chemistry, Delta State University, P.M.B 1 Abraka, Nigeria onostica_pub@yahoo.com3

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