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Abstract Charalabopoulos KA:
"Adhesion molecules; novel tools in the cancer jigsaw ",
Archives of Hellenic Medicine 25 (s2) : 7-35 (Dec 2008)

Keywords   Adhesion molecules, Cancer, Integrins, Cadherins, Immunoglobulin gene superfamily, Selectins, CD44.
Abstract   In the present study the topic of adhesion molecules regarding their involvement in the whole carcinogenetic process is discussed in detail. Until now, more than a hundred adhesion molecules have been fully identified, and their role so in normal as in various pathologies, including cancer, is under continuous investigation. Adhesion molecules are involved so in the initial invasive carcinogenetic process, as in the metastatic foci creation. The role of some members of integrins, cadherins, immunoglobulin gene superfamily, selectins and CD44 that comprise adhesion molecules is discussed. Their role in diagnosis, prognosis, and possibly in treatment, is also referred.
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Charalabopoulos KADepartment of Physiology, Clinical Unit, Medical School, University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece13 Solomou street, GR-452 21 Ioannina, Greecekcharala@cc.uoi.gr1

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